Courier Den Bosch

Courier Den Bosch

Through our courier service you will see that from and to Den Bosch is not expensive and also very easy. No long journey, no high costs. The time-honored song about the sweet little Gerrit who goes to the Bosch can be canceled.


Courier rides from € 0.35 per km. Contact us and receive a fixed price immediately.

Contact us directly via

  • 7 days a week on 030-7112141 directly an employee on the line
  • 7 days a week accessible on
  • 7 days a week accessible via quotation form on the right
  • 5 days a week accessible on our chat bottom right

Unique in this market, unique in the Netherlands. Always a fixed price, without additional costs.
Cheapest of the Netherlands through unique collaborations.

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Den Bosch, a beautiful city in the middle of the beautiful Brabant country, where life is indeed good. Den Bosch has almost everything for everyone to offer, also its own courier service! Our courier service ensures that everyone in and around Den Bosch can send and receive carefree, effective and timely.

You save yourself a lot of time and even money if you choose our reliable, trusted Brabant service. Precisely because of our small scale, the focus on the region, everything is clear, including the costs.

It is not surprising that our clientele is growing with time and is also diverse. Not only individuals use our fast and safe shipping, but also companies and other professional institutions.

Sending and receiving packages requires professional work.

Especially when it comes to consumer items. We give you the guarantee for not only the fastest, the best but also the most economical service. If companies, offices, schools or institutions want regular deliveries (this can be done from once a year), we count for how much time and money you save. Of course, you also get a discount for large or frequent deliveries! And again, occasional shipments or receipts are not too expensive at our courier company, not even at all.

A trial once is possible, so that you can experience the strength of the region in and around Den Bosch even better. Familiarity with the region is our strength. De Bosschenaren love punctuality and accuracy. If you are dissatisfied with orders that have been sent late or received, you have complaints about wrong delivery etc., then we are available 24 hours a day via the internet.

The regional courier is freed from surplus ballast, in contrast to the big names.

We leave the big domestic and foreign competitors behind us, they are not necessary. Please contact us by e-mail, telephone or come along. We are happy to help you. If you want to make use of our service professionally, then that is a perfect choice, but private individuals are also happy to join us. We know the way in and around Den Bosch in every respect . We do not search, therefore you do not have to search!